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Existing Teachers


A list of all of our lessons is available, along with documents describing relevant vocabulary and classroom preparation for the lesson. Check out our Lesson Sequences page to see which lessons can be taught in a series. Visit our Standards page to see which National and State (CA, MA, MN) standards are covered in each lesson.

Professional Development Points

Science from Scientists has been granted PDP provider status, and may award PDPs to teachers who choose to take on certain preparation and follow-up efforts as a means of better integrating our lessons into the classroom. For additional details, please contact or visit our PDP page.

See Inside the Classroom

Check out our classroom posts and see summaries of past lessons created for the families of your students.  These  posts also have links to follow up activities that students can try at home to continue the learning they started in class. New posts are added after each classroom visit!

Open Response Questions

Open response questions and their answers are provided for the majority of our lessons. Classroom teachers in partner schools have access to these questions for supplementing our lessons in class or as homework assignments.

New Teachers

Are you a 4th-8th grade classroom teacher and want to bring Science from Scientists into your classroom? Explore our full range of programs and let us know which you are interested in.

For requests for our In-School Module-based STEM Enrichment program, please complete the SfS Program Request Form. Please make sure to include the name of the school and grade level you are interested in.

To request special events and outreach programs, please use this link and fill out the google form with details for your event request. 

For all other inquiries, please email and we will get back in touch as soon as we can!