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Educational show features beauty queen scientist

It’s important for children to understand that science isn’t this one area; it’s the material that your car’s made out of, it’s the chair you’re sitting in, it’s your iPhone … Science is in everything. To be able to think like a scientist or to be able to ask the right types of inquisitive questions, […]

Dr. Erika on Yawkey Way

Dr. Erika on Yawkey Way

Dr. Erika and Science From Scientists had a ton fun with science at the Red Sox game on Sunday! Fans had a chance to study the Law of Reflection by experimenting with lasers and mirrors. They used this new knowledge to play “baseball air hockey.” The goal of this experiment was to find the correct […]

Students examining evidence to solve a mock crime

Local students enjoy CSI day @ iRobot

A few weeks ago we held a “CSI day” for the families of bronze level donors and greater. We have received extremely positive feedback from many participants. One 6th grade girl from a family of scientists has long considered the subject boring and took considerable convincing to attend the event. She loved it so much […]

Comcast, iRobot & Google Support STEM in MA Schools via Science from Scientists

As over 500,000 middle and high school students across the state prepare for the Science, Technology and Engineering (STE) MCAS this week, major New England companies including Comcast, Google, iRobot and others are leveraging a unique educational non-profit, Science from Scientists, to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in the classroom and beyond. Recognizing […]

At the feet of "The Alchemist"

At the feet of “The Alchemist”

Thank you so much once again, this was the teachers’ and students’ favorite field trip!!! Some of the 6th grade students from Everett’s Parlin Elementary School on a field trip to MIT this morning. Students visited the MIT museum, built robots, toured campus and heard about the importance of doing well in school to keep […]

Connect a Million Minds

Time-Warner Cable is running a poll/contest to promote awareness of STEM on their Facebook page called Connect a Million Minds. Our own Erika Ebbel Angle is one of the featured “STEM superheroes,” and if you head on over to cast a vote that could help push her to the top of the board before April […]