Scientist-Teacher Partnership (STP) Program

Science from Scientists (SfS) is excited to announce our Scientist-Teacher Partnership (STP) Program!

Program Description

This five-day program will provide teachers with the opportunity to take on the role of an SfS co-instructor, learning and preparing science content and using student-centered teaching strategies. Participants will learn 6 SfS lessons that they will have likely seen before in their own classrooms and make them their own, with practice run throughs and customizations that will support what the teacher is already working on in their classroom. This program also includes an introduction to the new science standards and how to use science and engineering practices in the classroom without compromising the science content. There will be lots of opportunities to collaborate with peers and experiment with teaching tools that can be used in the classroom.

Join us for the week of June 26-30th to take part in our week-long professional development course as part of our new Scientist-Teacher Partnership program.

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Already Enrolled in STP?

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See what classroom teachers have to say about the STP week:
“I thoroughly enjoyed taking this class. It was refreshing to discuss science skills and teaching concepts with other like minded adults. Unfortunately, many of my colleagues shy away from teaching science and say things like, “I’m not a science person.” Having the opportunity to discuss science on a deeper level felt empowering.”