Scientist-Teacher Partnership (STP) Program

Science from Scientists (SfS) is excited to announce our Scientist-Teacher Partnership (STP) Program!

Program Description

The goal of the Scientist-Teacher Partnership (STP) program is to deepen the relationship between our SfS instructors and partner teachers. We aim to do this by teaching them how to lead our SfS lessons, support them in their transition from the old science standards to the new, and giving them plenty of opportunities to collaborate with peers and experiment with teaching strategies that can be used in the classroom.

The STP Program uses the foundational components of the NGS Standards and several of SfS’ own lessons to provide teachers with experiences and tools they can use to transition to the new science standards and emphasize student-centered learning. Participants in the STP Program work with these dimensions to customize the SfS lessons they learn and weave them into their own science curriculum.

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Already Enrolled in STP?

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See what classroom teachers have to say about the STP week:
“I thoroughly enjoyed taking this class. It was refreshing to discuss science skills and teaching concepts with other like minded adults. Unfortunately, many of my colleagues shy away from teaching science and say things like, “I’m not a science person.” Having the opportunity to discuss science on a deeper level felt empowering.”

“This program helped me grapple with new standards, work with others in the district, align curriculum vertically and totally change my thinking in teaching science. Specifically, the 5E model is a shift in the way science has been taught. It’s not just hands-on but discovery and explanation through hands-on science.”