Volunteers & Interns

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Olivia Kane

Olivia is a junior at Centre College in Danville, KY, where she studies Chemistry and Spanish. She spent more than half of her sophomore year studying politics and religion in Uganda and Rwanda, and history and anthropology in Mexico and Cuba and is passionate about making travel a part of her life. On campus, Olivia works as a teaching assistant in general chemistry labs, leads campus tours for prospective students, is an active member in her sorority, and is working on a chemical education research project with her professor. Upon graduating, Olivia hopes to pursue a career that can fuse her three greatest academic interests: science, education, and Spanish.


June Klemer

June Klemmer is a Junior at East Longmeadow High School, and plans on enrolling at Western New England University to double major in Biology and Education. She currently holds the title of Miss Greater Holyoke’s Outstanding Teen 2014, with a platform of “Educate Today! Helping One Student at a Time!” which aims to provide a better and stronger education for all students in Western Massachusetts through peer mentoring and volunteering within the school systems. In her spare time, June enjoys traveling and spending time with her friends.


Jay Leichtman

Jay Leichtman is a sophomore at Vassar College in New York, majoring in Biology with a correlate in Creative Writing. Hailing from Lexington, they have a strong interest in nurturing enthusiasm for STEM subjects in youth across the state, especially among school-aged girls. At college, they are engaged in several political action groups targeting racial, gender, and LGBT+ inequalities, sing in Vassar’s Concert Choir, and both model and write for a yearly student-published photography magazine. They spend their spare time immersed in books and video games.


Jake Nonweiler

Though he grew up in Oklahoma, Jake relocated to New England to attend Middlebury College, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in biology and environmental studies. Jake is the current Program Director at the Hannah Grimes Center, a nonprofit in Keene, New Hampshire that educates, supports, and assists small businesses and entrepreneurs in the Monadnock Region. In his spare time, Jake volunteers his time and skills to nonprofits and small businesses. He also bikes and travels to streams in New England to fly fish.

Dr. Bob Reynolds

Bob received a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Virginia and a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Duke University. Over the course of his career, Bob has devoted himself to discovering cures for cancer and infectious disease, particularly tuberculosis. He is, however, equally passionate about encouraging future generations of scientists, and, beyond his mentoring duties for Ph.D. and postdoctoral training, he has been actively involved in inspiring students in primary and secondary school to understand and become involved in science. He regularly has given presentations on careers in chemistry with vivid demonstrations of “The ABC’s of Chromatography” that involves using chromatography of brilliant dyes to make colorful words and “Formulating a Career in Chemistry” that demonstrates the science and preparation of popular bubble baths. Bob is the proud father of three wonderful and talented children. He enjoys family vacations hiking in our national parks and, when time permits, reading and writing science fiction and fantasy.

Julia Sayre

Julia Sayre grew up in Lexington, MA.  She attended college at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada.  She received a Bachelor’s Degree with Honors in Biology.  During her undergraduate degree Julia completed an independent research project that examined the evolutionary advantages of sexual vs asexual reproduction in yeast.  Julia also volunteers her time with The Little Fox Shop in Arlington, MA and the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, MA. 


Nicole Withman – Assistant Office Manager

Nicole grew up in New Hampshire and graduated from Northeastern University in 2012 with a B.S. in Biology. Since graduation, Nicole has worked full-time at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute on Project Viva, a longitudinal research study of mothers and their children. Project Viva’s goal is to understand how pre- and postnatal exposures affect children’s health as they grow and develop. Nicole loves meeting and working with study participants all around Massachusetts. In her spare time, Nicole enjoys reading, biking, baking, and adoring her one-year old nephew.


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David Birsa, Ph.D.
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