Camp Bio featured in the Boston Globe

CampBio brings out the scientists in kids

The Boston Globe- August 22, 2014
By Kelly Gifford

Being stuck in a classroom is the last place any middle schooler wants to be during summer vacation. But when the classroom is the world-renowned Whitehead Institute, the teachers are real scientists, and the assignments include dissecting frogs and extracting DNA, spending time in the classroom doesn’t seem all that bad.

Seventeen New England rising sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-graders recently attended CampBio, a weeklong science camp collaboration between the Whitehead Institute and Science From Scientists, aimed at sparking middle schoolers’ interest in science careers. Sure, these kids have a long way to go before becoming full-fledged scientists, but Amy Tremblay, public programs officer for Whitehead Institute, said a lifelong love of science starts in the classroom.

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