The Dark Side of the Moon: Rappin’ it Up

Today’s lesson focused on celestial mechanics, or the interactions between the Earth, Sun and Moon. We talked about the Moon, Earth’s only natural satellite and investigated in-depth the 8 phases of the Moon. Also, students were able to differentiate between pictures of what the moon’s phases would look like from our view here on Earth versus what the moon’s phases would look like if we were in a satellite in space above the North Pole!

Using balls and flashlights as models, students demonstrated the differences between solar and lunar eclipses. Today was also a special day because we had guest visitors, 89.7 WGBH and SfS founder, Dr. Erika Ebbel Angle, come to observe our lesson and interview Henderson students and teachers about the SfS program. We closed our lesson by rappin’ things up with this song:


Ask your student what phase the moon has to be in for a lunar or solar eclipse to occur.



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