Data Analysis For Your Science Project

In class we focused on data analysis to help the students prepare for their science project. We talked about once data is collected, how you might go about analyzing it to determine if your hypothesis was correct..  Our world is driven by large amounts of data, and data requires analysis to make sense of it all!

In class we learned about the 3 ways we calculate the ‘typical’ value in a set of data. These 3 ways are the mean (also called the “average”; add all the data and divide by the number of data points), the median (the middle value in a set of data points) and the mode (the most common value). We learned about these three measurements of central tendency using the height of each student in class.  The students measured the height of each other in centimeters and completed a data table. They then calculated the mean, median, and mode and identified which student(s) were the mean height, median height, and mode height.  We then talked about the “normal distribution” of a data set and how the mean (average) is not always the “truest” representation of the data set.

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