The electrons were flowing today!


Today in class the students were novice electrical engineers, and showed off their skills in circuit-building!  After discussing the three essential parts of a circuit, they worked in groups to assemble a simple circuit of their own.  They also added a switch, just for fun.  Students also used their circuits to test whether materials were conductors or insulators.  Ask your student which types of materials were conductors, and why we often use insulators to protect us from a conductive material.

We’re all looking forward to building some more complicated circuits together in two weeks!


Dr. Catherine Sukow

Dr. Sukow's interest in science education began when she was a teenager, with an extended visit to San Francisco's Exploratorium. In college, she had summer jobs in a similar, smaller, museum. She focused her Master's research at NCSU on the structure of metal silicides on silicon, and her Ph. D. work at Brandeis on the structure of crossbridged actin bundles. While volunteering in her childrens' schools, she was reminded how much fun it is to teach science, and is happy to be teaching now with Science from Scientists. In her spare time, she also enjoys yoga, choral and solo singing, and attempting a variety of international cuisines.

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