First Day of Science!


Today was our first day of science with Science from Scientists. I’m Ms. Ptak and I’ll be your scientist for the rest of the school year!
We will upload a blog entry on all our lessons together to share what is happening in the classroom. Some of the topics and questions we cover in class will be written about in this blog. After a lesson, I’ll include a fun fact for students to look up, which will be posted in blue. Also, whenever possible, a follow up activity for students to do at home will be posted. The activity will be completely optional, unless the classroom teachers would like it as homework!

Everyone involved in our classroom (teachers, parents and students) is welcomed to share their thoughts below in the comment section.


In science today, we introduced each other and what interests us as scientists. We discovered that we are all scientists because we’re all curious and love to ask questions.
After introductions, we focused on lab safety, which is very important! We talked about how it’s okay to make mistakes and mentioned a very famous example that was discovered by mistake: penicillin!

Students are encouraged to look up who discovered penicillin and how the scientist made that mistake!

Lastly, we learned through an activity that it is VERY important to follow ALL directions and always to ask me or a classroom teacher if something is not clear!

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