Frogs, Inside and Out!

Frog Dissection!

Today we learned about vertebrate anatomy by dissecting a frog! The students learned a bunch of new vocabulary for describing the body (dorsal, ventral, anterior and posterior) as we examined the external features of our frogs. We then started at the mouth and took a look inside to see how the frogs tongue is attached (to the front, not the back!) and why that is important, along with other features like maxillary and vomerine teeth.

The students then jumped right in to opening the body to take a look at the organs inside. We talked about the various organs and organ systems, noting that some organs were behind others, and discovered how similar frog anatomy is to human anatomy. We also discussed some of the differences between frog and human organs/systems, most notably that frogs (and other amphibians and reptiles) have a three chambered heart while humans (and other mammals and birds) have a heart with four chambers. The students did an excellent job of removing and examining organs as we discussed their function!


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