Fun Science Year Ahead!

Allow us to introduce ourselves…

Today your child began an exciting science program in their classroom offered by Science from Scientists. SfS is a Boston-based, non-profit organization that strives to improve science and technology attitudes and aptitudes. We send real scientists into the classroom during school every other week to teach exciting, fun, and curriculum-relevant science lessons. We will be visiting your child’s classroom every other week throughout the school year. We will bring engaging, informative, and stimulating hands-on lessons with us to supplement the school’s science curriculum.

Your scientists for the year will be Dr. Sandra Pearl and Dr. Elizabeth Bless, both of whom have a Ph.D. in the neuroscience field and both of whom have children of their own and love to share science with youngsters! Dr. Pearl used animal models to study drug addiction and Dr. Bless studies animal models of obesity. The students loved to hear about what it’s like to work with mice and rats and asked us some very thoughtful questions about our research. 

We also had the students work on a puzzle, because science is like a puzzle in that we have pieces of data that we need to make fit together into some kind of true statement. Please ask your students to print out the puzzle shown below and let them show you what we did in the classroom!

Please check the Classroom Post on our website regularly to read about the science activities that your child is participating in and to view photos from your child’s classroom.

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