Germs can make us sick!

Today we learned a lot about germs. We started the lesson by reading a book that explained to us what kind of germs are dangerous, how they can make us sick and what we can do to prevent ourselves from getting sick. We used some glitter as pretend germs to demonstrate how far germs can spread during sneezing or shaking hands while having germs on them.

After all of us had some pretend germs on hands we tried to remove them with a hand sanitizer. Students learned that the hand sanitizer cannot remove the germs or dirt from their hands, it only kills the germs. This way students learned that even though a hand sanitizer is very useful if no water and soap is available, it is always better to clean the hands thoroughly with warm water and soap whenever possible. We also discussed the proper way to wash your hands and then we went to wash the glitter away while practicing good hand washing technique.  

In the next part of the lesson we learned a bit more about other ways of spreading diseases such as through contaminated food/water and mosquitoes or ticks. We also talked about vaccinations and how vaccines work.

In the last part of the lesson we did a germs craft that the students could take home. Students loved this activity! It was a pleasure to work with them through the entire school year. Have a great summer!

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