I’ll Take the Plain M&Ms, they have More Brown M&Ms!


For this lesson students got the opportunity to determine which bag of M&Ms had a certain proportion of the color of their choice.  They had to figure out if the color of M&Ms was in the same or different proportions in a plain M&Ms bag than in a Peanut M&Ms bag.  Students counted their M&Ms and determined the percentage of colors for every M&M in the “plain” and “peanut” bag.  Once they determined the percentages of M&M color for each bag, students had to choose a color of their own and determine the mean, median, quartile 1 and quartile 2 for their color sample of plain and peanut M&Ms.  Once they calculated these values they had to create  box plots so that they could test out their hypothesis on whether the percentage of a specific color of M&Ms was the same or different in the “plain” bag versus the “peanut” bag.  The students had a lot of fun counting and solving math calculations!  Way to go! 


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