Its Raining, Its Pouring, Weather is not boring!

In this lesson we started by discussing the difference between weather and climate.  Students explored the concept of weather and where it occurs in the atmosphere, and about how the earth’s rotation and other factors influence weather. We also discussed how the Sun and the distance of the Sun from various points of the Earth can ultimately affect the generation of warm and cold air at different regions of the Earth.  The mixing and the interactions between these air masses were driven partly by the spin of the earth and the movement and pressure of warm air vs. colder air. Through our discussions and thunderstorm activity,  students learned the concept “warm air rises, cold air sinks.” We also discussed how four types of precipitation and clouds were formed from the meeting of warm and cold air masses at points called fronts.  In addition to simulating how thunderstorms are made, students also made thermometers, weighed air, observed how air has mass and takes up space.  


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