Lego of My Bookshelf!

Learning to Redesign with Legos

Today, students got a chance to take an object that was poorly designed and turn it into something of their own creation that functioned (and looked!) better than the original! The poor design was a Lego bookshelf – the task was to move the bookshelf from one classroom to the next, carrying a heavy load of Lego books with ease. The original bookshelf couldn’t fit through the doors well because it was too long, and it didn’t even come with wheels! It was great to watch students get creative with their redesigned Lego bookshelves – some were taller and had handles, others were short and wide with wheels. All redesigned bookshelves had to hold the same number of books as the original design, but the bookshelves weren’t allowed to touch any of the classroom walls. All of the students were up for the challenge and drew their design before they started building. Once their bookshelves were complete, they were excited to show off their designs to classmates and teacher!


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