Let’s Look at Brains

Did you know that the average human brain weighs about three pounds and is about five times larger than the brain of any animal with a similar body size? Although people have been studying the brain for centuries, there is still so much that scientists don’t know about its functions. One thing that scientists have discovered is that the brains of mammals have many similarities.

In today’s lesson, we had the opportunity to examine a real sheep brain. Although a sheep brain is smaller than a human’s, it has all the same parts. Examining the brain provided students with a better understanding of how our own brains are designed. We discovered that there are many similarities between the sheep brain and the human brain and that there are also a few differences as well. A human brain has more ‘wrinkles’ than a sheep brain. Ask your student what the wrinkles are for and why they are such a big deal!

Check out this cool video showing how human brains compare to other animals: Human Brains Compared to Other Animals Video (1:34): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCXSZQSWwdM

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