Meet your Scientists!

Hello RO Parents! We are pleased to be your scientists for the year. Both of us are neuroscientists (and next week we will be bringing in real brains!) and have been teaching elementary students for several years. We taught at the RO last year and appreciate the engaging students and dedicated teachers here. On our first day we reviewed some basic safety themes, we discussed what makes someone a good scientist we did one of two activities- a Cup Stacking Challenge or a Mystery Puzzle.

Dr. Sandra Pearl and Dr. Liz Bless

Cup Stacking Challenge Promotes Teamwork!

Today, students completed an exciting lesson on teamwork as they worked together to complete a series of cup stacking challenges. Team members had to work together to stack plastic cups in a number of different arrangements without touching the cups with their hands. Armed with only one elastic band and some lengths of string, students had to communicate, cooperate, and compromise to get the job done.

After the challenge, we reflected on our individual and group behaviors and now have a better understanding of what it takes to become a successful team. These new skills will not only greatly benefit our future science lessons, but they will help students succeed at future group work in any other subject too!

Other Teambuilding Challenge Resources:

El reto de apilar vasos promueve el trabajo en equipo

Hoy, los estudiantes realizaron una actividad muy interesante para fortalecer el trabajo en equipo. Los miembros de cada equipos debían trabajar en conjunto con el objetivo de apilar vasos plásticos para armar distintas formas. El reto consintió en no tocar los vasos con sus manos, sino que con un elástico y pedazos de cuerda de distinto largo, por lo tanto los estudiantes debieron comunicarse, colaborar y comprometerse para poder lograr el reto.

Después de terminar con los retos, conversamos sobre las conductas tanto grupales como individuales que se necesitan para ser un equipo de trabajo exitoso. Estas habilidades serán muy importantes para nuestras clases de ciencia, pero también los ayudarán a trabajar en equipo en otros temas.

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Mystery Puzzles

Scientific facts change with time (remember when Pluto was a planet?) and scientific thinkers need to be able to alter their mindsets to fit new data. To illustrate this we had students complete a simple 4 piece puzzle. Then we added a piece to the puzzle and students had to use their minds to think about how these new puzzle pieces would fit together. Ask your student about it!


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