Rock Cycle: The Hard Truth

Today’s science lesson was all about rocks!  After briefly reviewing the different layers of the Earth, students learned about the rock cycle and the three main categories of rocks (igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic).  We discussed how all the rocks on the earth are constantly changing due to weathering and changes in pressure and temperature.  By examining and identifying various rock samples, the students developed a greater understanding of how each rock type is formed.  They also learned the differences between minerals and rocks and were introduced to Massachusetts’ state rock, the Roxbury Puddingstone, a special type of sedimentary rock known as a “conglomerate” that was used extensively for building in the Boston/Roxbury area.


Additional Information:

This YouTube video offers a fun review of the three rock types. It’ll make you hungry to learn about rocks!


Explain how granite (a igneous rock) can be turned into gneiss ( a metamorphic rock).

How do sedimentary rocks form?


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