Rocks, Rock!

In the lesson today at Bayside, we looked at how different types of rock form.  We learned about the different types of rock and the intricate geological processes that form them.  We talked about metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary rocks and how they are different.  We looked at fossils and discussed how they were once living things that have since become rock.  We talked about the defining characteristics of rocks and why they are different from other materials such as sand and dirt.  We went over how to go about using a dichotomous key in rock identification and we also briefly discussed the difference between rocks and minerals.  

For our lab activity today, students had to classify different rock types using a dichotomous key.  Students had 10 rocks to identify and a key to help them do so.  Some of the rocks included Halite (rock salt), Basalt, Pumice, Limestone, Sandstone, Obsidian, Marble and Granite.  Students enjoyed looking at the different rocks and identifying them.  The next time you and your student are outside and there are rocks nearby, ask them what type of rock they think it is and how it formed. 

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