Science from Scientists First Day!

Today at Saltonstall, students got to meet two real scientists and were introduced to the Science from Scientists program and what it means to be a scientist! The day’s activities included learning about lab safety, an activity about following directions (in which students were very exasperated when they realized that if they followed directions they would have had to do very little work!), and a puzzle activity on the nature of science.

The puzzle activity was used to represent all of the information we know about a scientific topic. Students were given four puzzle pieces and told to use all of the pieces to make a square. Most students found this easy enough, but then a new discovery about the scientific topic had been made (represented by a 5th puzzle piece), and students had to rearrange their puzzle in order to make room for this extra piece and recreate their square. The addition of the 5th piece was much more challenging than putting the puzzle together with four pieces. The idea behind this puzzle activity was to demonstrate to students that new scientific discoveries often cause scientists to rearrange everything they know about a scientific topic to make room for new discoveries.

We are excited to return in two weeks for another exciting visit!

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