Science is a Puzzle!

Hello Cunningham Families! This week Science from Scientists began working with the Cunningham students. We will be coming to the Cunningham School once every two weeks to bring cool interactive science experiments and encourage students to become more interested in science topics. The scientists coming to the Cunningham School are Dr. Sandra Pearl and Dr. Catherine Sukow. Dr. Pearl is a neuroscientist and Dr. Sukow is a biophysicist. You can see our picture attached and you are encouraged to ask your children if they remember what we had done our research in (think brains and tiny cell structures).
Today in class we presented the students with the idea that science is like a big puzzle. We often know many parts of any given topic but then some new piece of information or data always comes up that makes us revise our first scientific idea and create a new one to fit the new information. To illustrate this point we had students work on a 4-piece paper puzzle and then added in one extra piece to see if they could make that new piece of data fit into the new puzzle. Please have your child guide you in this lesson at home and see how you do! If you get stuck you can always consult a fellow scientist because scientists tend to work together to solve big problems.
We also discussed basic safety information such as not wearing open toed shoes, never eating the science experiments, wearing proper protective gear, and much more.
We look forward to a fun year of science with your children! Drs. Sukow and PearlDrs. Pearl & Sukow


Sci is a puzzle!

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