Solving the Mystery with the Scientific Method

Scientific Observation: Mystery Tubes

Today Wood students learned that to become a good scientist, you have to make specific and detailed observations so other people will understand what you have found or tested. We introduced the steps of the Scientific Method and learned how to write a great hypothesis, test it, and rework it until their observations matched their hypothesis.

For our activity, students had to make observations about what was happening in a sealed PVC ‘mystery tube’ without being able to see inside. Once they made their observations and wrote a hypothesis to explain what they observed, they worked in groups to build their own working models of the mystery tube. We finished up by talking about why many types of scientists also use models in their studies to help explain a phenomenon and to help illustrate a hypothesis.

This lesson was exciting, challenging and great fun to complete.  Students used perseverance and trial and error techniques to successfully complete the activity!

Parents: If you haven’t already sent in a signed photo permission form, please do so for our next visit on 11/10.  Thank you!

Dr. Kennedy

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