Tuesday: CSI Mock Crime – Fingerprinting

Tuesday: Welcome to Day 2 where your STEM Explorer will be solving a CSI Mock Crime using Forensic Science.

Exploring Fingerprints

No two fingerprints are exactly alike. But why are they different and how do forensic scientists use them to solve crimes? In this lesson, we took a close look at the unique features of fingerprints. Explorers learned that fingerprints come in 3 basic varieties: arch, loop, and whorl. The majority of people have loops, while only 4% of the population has arches. Fingerprinting has been used to catch criminals for over 100 years. Plastic, patent, and latent prints are three types of fingerprint evidence that can be found at a crime scene. Explorers even had a chance to try their skill at taking their own fingerprints and learned how to dust and lift prints. Perhaps a career in forensics is in your explorer’s future?

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