Tuesday: Mock CSI Crime – Blood Composition and Compatibility

Tuesday: Welcome to Day 2 where your STEM Explorer will be solving a CSI Mock Crime using Forensic Science.

Blood Composition and Compatibility

Are you my Type?

Even though blood has been studied for thousands of years, the discovery of different blood types was not made until 1901 when Dr. Karl Landsteiner identified the ABO blood groups. Landsteiner was awarded a Nobel Prize for discovering that each blood type is based on two different antigens, A and B, which are molecules located on the surface of red blood cells.

In today’s lesson, explorers learned all about blood, had an opportunity to view blood cells under the microscope, and participated in a hands-on laboratory activity investigating blood typing. Explorers used simulated blood to determine each of the suspects blood type.  Ask your explorer how they determined the blood type of each suspect!

For an Extension, try this virtual game: https://www.nobelprize.org/educational/medicine/bloodtypinggame/index.html

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