Welcome to the Science from Scientist Program

Allow us to introduce ourselves…

Today your child began an exciting science program in their classroom offered by Science from Scientists. SfS is a Boston-based, non-profit organization that strives to improve science and technology attitudes and aptitudes. We send real scientists into the classroom during school every other week to teach exciting, fun, and curriculum-relevant science lessons. We will be visiting your child’s classroom every other week throughout the school year. We will bring engaging, informative, and stimulating hands-on lessons with us to supplement the school’s science curriculum.

Your child’s instructors for the year are Dr. Audra Kennedy and Dr. Allie Sahr. Dr. Kennedy has her Ph.D. in Neuroscience and researched the enteric nervous system (the nervous system in your gut!). Dr. Sahr also has her PhD in Neuroscience (an unusual coincidence that both of us are neuroscientists!!!)  and focused her research on finding new medicines to treat the brain’s involvement in binge eating. We are so excited to be a part of your child’s science learning this year!

In today’s class we did a puzzle activity to demonstrate that science is like a puzzle and scientists take data (puzzle pieces) and try to put them all together. Sometimes we think we have it figured out and then new data (or a new puzzle piece) is discovered and we have to work to fit the new data in by revising our theory! This takes perseverance!! The students were so excited when they solved the puzzle with the new data. Ask them to show you!

We also got to take a look at the smart-phone microscopes!  These can be made at home for about $10!  The link with instructions is here:  http://www.instructables.com/id/10-Smartphone-to-digital-microscope-conversion/

We look forward to seeing the students next week!

Dr. Sahr and Dr. Kennedy

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