Wonderful Weather

The Wondrous World of Weather

Today’s lesson started with a concept that even older students have difficulty with – the difference between weather and climate. (Ask your student to explain the difference to you!) Students explored the concept of weather and where it occurs in the atmosphere, and about how the earth’s rotation and other factors influence weather. Density was also a hot topic, and students determined that warm air was less dense than cold air because of how the air molecules behave in different temperatures. Your student should also be able to identify the four main types of precipitation and how each forms.

During our activities, students had the opportunity to make their own thermometers, model a thunderstorm, and weigh air! The most surprising thing that students learned today was that air exerts a pressure on every one of us. In fact, every square inch of our body has over 14 pounds of pressure weighing down on us!

Additional Information:

To find out more about the different cloud types visit: http://science.howstuffworks.com/dictionary/meteorological-terms/cloud.htm

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