Dr. ErikaWatch as Dr. Erika—former Miss Massachusetts, MIT alumna and doctor of biochemistry from BU—helps students overcome science challenges in “The Dr. Erika Show.” Learn the science behind these science experiments gone wrong. Explore parts of science we can’t easily see in “Green Screen World” where cool animations are used to help explain science concepts. Perform science experiments during “Science Cooking.” Watch as the live audience and Dr. Erika’s sidekick Don participate in the learning process. Dr. Erika will show you how the world works, one experiment at a time.


Preview: Clips from the first two episodes

Clips of the new Dr. Erika show featuring some of the science challenges from the first two episodes. Witness the transformation of middle school students’ failed science fair investigations to science success stories with Dr. Erika’s help.

Static Electricity

What causes static electricity? Find out in this episode of the Dr. Erika show! Follow middle school student Dustin as he overcomes his “science fair nightmare” on removing lint from his hoodie. Learn about what happens when atoms loose and gain electrons and why balloons attract lint when they are rubbed with felt. Also, enjoy an “electrifying” haiku about electrostatics.

Solar System

What is the order of the planets in our Solar System? Find out in this episode of the Dr. Erika Show! Follow middle school student Melina as she overcomes her “science fair nightmare” of remembering the planets’ order from the sun. Learn about the sizes of the planets, what a dwarf planet is, and whether Pluto is still a planet.

TEDx: Cool Things Happen at the Edges
Dr. Erika gave a TEDx talk about pursuing your own path.