Scientists Celebrate Girl Day at Patriot Place

At Patriot Place, with seats filled by students and chaperones from all over Massachusetts, [New England Patriots cheerleader Alyssa] Caddle and representatives of the engineering company Raytheon and Science from Scientists performed interactive experiments, like making elephant toothpaste (a colorful foam that forms and shoots out of a graduated cylinder when hydrogen peroxide interacts with potassium iodide) and testing whether it would be more comfortable to sleep on one nail or 1,000 nails (better sleep on 1,000 nails, since weight is better borne when distributed evenly). The demonstrations are part of Raytheon’s annual observance of National Engineers Week nationwide; this was its first celebration of Girl Day, aimed at showing girls how creative math and science can be.

The Boston Globe  – South

February 23, 2014

By Kyle Plantz

Read the full article here: Boston Globe – Girl Day at Patriot Place

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