Growing the Future at EPCOT®

Science from Scientists and Murata partner up once more to proudly present “Growing the Future”, a new interactive, live science demonstration at the 2021 Taste of EPCOT® International Flower and Garden Festival, running from April 3 to July 5. This fun and fascinating experience explores plants, soil, and cutting-edge Murata technology that’s changing the way we seed the future. Learn more about this year’s festival here.

For more information about Murata’s innovative sensor technology, visit their website or click on their logo.

Want to keep growing the future at home?

Look no further! Join our “Growing the Future” scientists for these hands-on activities to learn more about soil and gardening in your own home!

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Keep the fun of STEM going!

Biodegradable Planters

Make a biodegradable planter with ordinary household materials to start a garden in your own home!


Use soil, clay, and seeds to build seed balls that can grow wildflowers anywhere!

Xylem Activity

Grab a paper towel, some food coloring, and water for this activity, where you’ll learn how plants stay hydrated!

Life Cycle Game

Explore the life cycle of plants in this interactive card game! Coming soon ...