Homeschool STEM Workshops

Science from Scientists is expanding our award-winning program outside the classroom! We are hosting themed STEM workshops to provide fun, hands-on science experiences for children aged 8-13. Each workshop is comprised of several SfS lessons and activities and will be led by Science from Scientists’ Instructors: our real, charismatic scientists! All workshops will be approximately 2 hours long and cost $15 each. Currently being offered in the Bedford, Massachusetts office.

Additional Information

  • All workshops are drop-off only.
  • All workshops will require students to be able to read, write, and work independently or in small groups.
  • All activity materials, including pencils, will be provided.
  • Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle as our office space does not have a drinking fountain.

Upcoming Workshops

We will be offering the following workshop options:

The Physics of Motion: In this workshop, students will explore the physics of motion with a series of hands-on experiments. We will observe the motions of pendulums and investigate how variables like pendulum length, mass, and angle affect its swing. We will also explore the relationship between friction and gravity, and how we can observe these forces in the movements of simple, everyday objects! (Recommended for ages 8+)

  • Wednesday, January 15: 1-3pm
  • Wednesday, January 29: 1-3pm
Register online here!