Murata Cheerleader Robots in Minnesota – “Truly a One of a Kind Experience”

Murata robots performing routine.

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a global leader in advanced electronic components, brought their Murata Cheerleader Robots, to Poplar Bridge Elementary School in Bloomington, Minnesota to perform for the first time in a school in the U.S. The Murata Cheerleader Robots performed a synchronized dance for 150 spellbound 4th- and 5th-grade students and their teachers. The robots sit atop balls and use the latest sensing, communication, and group control technologies to remain balanced as they quickly move along. Roberto Cantu, the school’s principal, called the event, “truly a one of a kind experience that fully engaged students visually and through question and answers.”

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Photograph Credits:

Koichi Yoshikawa, Chloe Anderson, and

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