Registration Now Open for MA STEM Themed Workshops

Students looking over scale.

Science from Scientists is expanding our award-winning program outside the classroom! We are hosting themed STEM workshops to provide fun, hands-on science experiences for children aged 8-13.

Each workshop is comprised of several SfS lessons and activities and will be led by Science from Scientists’ Instructors: our real, charismatic scientists!

All workshops will be approximately 2 1/2 hours long and cost between $10-15 each. They will be held at Science from Scientists’ Massachusetts office, located at:
1 DeAngelo Drive, Suite C
Bedford, MA 01730

Our current workshop offerings are:

Environments & Human Impact (October 1st) – $10 per child

Humans have a significant impact on our shared global environment. Through a series of engineering challenges and collaborative games, students will explore how human populations can affect natural resources and systems, including impacts to animal populations and ecosystems, sustainable resource management, and the balance of our planet’s water cycle.

Spooky Science (October 15th & October 29th) – $15 per child

It’s the spooky season: witches and pumpkins and potions – oh my! Join us for an enchanting series of experiments to learn about the science behind the magic of Halloween, including self-carving pumpkins, bubbling cauldrons, oozing slime, and skeleton bones.

Workshop take-homes include: small animal bones & polymer slime

Computers & Cryptography (November 19th & November 26th) – $15 per child

Most of us use technology every day – making phone calls, sending text messages, using the internet, using electronic payment cards, and more. Although we may not realize it, the multitude of data we’re sending & receiving all day long is protected through many forms of encryption. But how does technology exchange that data, and how does it protect it? In this workshop, students will have the opportunity to explore how computers communicate, from the basics of binary to the complexities of cryptography! They’ll put their skills to the test by decoding secret messages and designing their own encryption techniques.

Workshop take-homes include: Caesar cipher wheel & binary bead jewelry


Additional information and workshop registration can be found on our sign-up form.

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