Science from Scientists Announces Support for Teacher Professional Development from All Points North Foundation

Funding to support the Scientist-Teacher Partnership program for classroom teachers in six new schools in MA, MN, and CA.


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Science from Scientists (SciSci) is thrilled to announce a new partnership with All Points North Foundation, a private family foundation focused on public middle school education, supporting the Scientist-Teacher Partnership (STP) program across the U.S. during the 2021-22 school year.

Funds from a first-time $60,000 grant will be used to bring the STP professional development program to classroom teachers in Title 1 schools across Massachusetts, Minnesota, and California and will empower educators to integrate hands-on education into their classrooms. STP is designed to build and sustain teacher confidence by integrating SciSci’s field-tested activities into the classroom while engaging teachers through an asynchronous online course and Professional Learning Community covering the 5E Instructional Model, Crosscutting Concepts of the Next Generation Science Standards, and relevant Science and Engineering Practices for teaching. The program empowers teachers to design student-centered explorations as part of their curricula. Participants are provided with readily implementable activities, a suite of adaptable teaching strategies, and support from the Science from Scientists instructional team as well as mentors.

According to Jaclyn Mayo, MA Director of Development at SciSci, “The STP program has a long-term impact and generates feedback like this from a teacher in Revere, MA: ‘This program helped me grapple with new standards, work with others in the district, align curriculum vertically, and totally change my thinking in teaching science. It’s hands-on discovery and explanation through hands-on science.’

Mayo added, “The skills and confidence that our teachers gain remain with them for their whole careers. Now, our partnership with All Points North Foundation enables us to reach teachers from six new schools to bring the fun and excitement of SciSci’s professional development to their teachers right now, as well as reach hundreds (or even thousands!) of future students in the years to come.”All Points North Foundation logo

All Points North Foundation is one of the few foundations focused on public middle-school education (grades 6-8) in underserved communities, both rural and urban. The foundation recognizes the vital importance of the middle school years in shaping the future of our nation’s youth. All Points North Foundation has two education focal areas: preparing and retaining middle school teachers in an ever-evolving education climate and helping students grow both academically and socially/emotionally.

“Positive professional development opportunities can help inspire and retain teachers, resulting in better student outcomes during the critical middle school years,” said Tony Moten, Director of Education Grant Partnerships, All Points North Foundation. “SciSci’s STP program expansion to another six public middle school teachers, particularly in Title I schools, will bring valuable resources and hands-on scientific learning to underserved communities,” he added.

SciSci is a national nonprofit with a mission to teach and inspire the next generation to solve real-world problems by improving STEM literacy. We strive to improve student attitudes and aptitudes toward STEM topics and careers by providing curriculum-aligned, experiential STEM enrichment led by real, charismatic scientists to 3rd-8th grade students during the school day. For more information on All Points North Foundation, click here.

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