Science from Scientists Away from the Classroom

Pausing school does not mean pausing STEM education. Science from Scientists is committed to the mission of teaching and inspiring the next generation to identify and solve real-world problems by improving STEM literacy. We are thankful to have the resources and staff to create STEM learning resources for teachers, parents, and students to aid them during this challenging time, and we look forward to resuming our in-school programs when our Partner Schools re-open.

Click the links below for STEM learning activities that are designed to be done Away from the Classroom!

Join Our STEM at Home Challenge!

Contest Rules

  • Share a picture or video of yourself doing STEM at home using the hashtag #STEMAtHomeChallenge
  • Limit videos to no longer than 2 min
  • Do not include images or faces or other distinguishing features
  • Must have guardian permission to post and participate
  • All participants are subject to guidelines of digital platform in use
  • Contest closes on the last day of the month at midnight PST
  • Winners will be notified by Friday of the following week
  • Winners selected at random
  • Winner will receive a $15 Amazon gift card

Theme: Creative use of materials

Make a Rube Goldberg machine!
Model the mantle with household materials!
Clean an oil spill!

Enjoy our Away from the Classroom activities?

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