Great for Ages 7-14!

Infectious Diseases

What is a virus? How does it spread from one person to another? And how can we prevent this? Learn all about infectious diseases with this lesson!

Eye Anatomy

Learn about different structures of the eye and how they help organisms see by conducting a virtual cow eye dissection. Then experiment with your own eyes by building a pinhole camera!


Learn about the basic functions of the lungs! Measure vital and tidal lung capacities.

Experiment with Your Brain

Explore how your brain encodes information (learns) first through a video, then a personal experiment.

How the Eyes Work

Your vision is a combination of what your eye sees and how your brain processes those signals. Use optical illusions to trip up your brain and see how much it’s influencing what you see!

The Mammalian Brain

Learn about the different parts of the mammalian brain and their functions. Create your own model of the human brain.

Our Hearts

Learn about different heart structures and how the heart works, then make a model of the heart.

Great for ages 7-10!


Learn about earthworms by completing a virtual dissection. Understand how they are essential in keeping soils healthy.


All fingerprints are unique! Take your own fingerprints and compare them to others then try your hand at fingerprint analysis!

Hair ID

Learn about hair ID and analysis in forensics. Then play an online forensic investigation game before searching for and analysing hair evidence in your own home!

Great for ages 11-14!

Phenotypes and Genotypes

Inheritance is a process in which genetic information is passed down from one generation to the next; that is, from parent to offspring. Investigate how family traits are passed down and expressed as phenotypes.

Frog Anatomy

Learn about the anatomy of a frog by completing a virtual dissection. See how they compare to people and explore different organ systems.


Learn about your nervous system, then build a model using dominoes to understand how nerve cells pass messages to each other.


Learn the steps for extracting DNA and why we do each one!

Microscope Mysteries

Create your own simple magnifier and explore the living and nonliving world around you!

Blood Typing

Learn about blood type compatibility. Test blood types compatibility with a model blood type transfusion game.

Cells and Organelles

Learn about the organelles inside of plant and animal cells. Build models of both types of cells.

Genes to Proteins

Learn how to crack the code in DNA! Learn how the code in DNA is used to make us and try to read the DNA code of a simple face.

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