Great for ages 7-14!

Separation of Substances

Separating mixtures of materials is important in the lab and in the recycling plant! Try three challenges, using physical properties of materials to separate mixtures.


Learn about viscosity.  Experiment with changing the temperature of a substance and observing if the viscosity changes.

What’s in Our Food

Learn about our food. Then keep a food journal for a week to see what kinds of food you are eating!


Learn about all of the polymers in your life and create two polymers from simple household objects.

Chemical Identification

Observe evidence of chemical changes, and try to figure out the difference between two common kitchen chemicals.

Great for ages 7-10!

States of Matter

Our whole universe is made of matter, but what is “matter”? Explore the different states of matter and experiment with transforming household liquids into solids!

Water Properties

Learn about the unique properties of water and experiment with cohesion and adhesion.


What colors make up black markers? Try your hand at paper chromatography to find out!

Conservation of Mass

Watch an experiment which proves The Law of Conservation of Mass. Do two experiments which will help you prove this law yourself.

Chemical Reactions

Learn about chemical reactions, then experiment on a delicious reaction of your own by baking cookies!


Learn about electrophoresis and practice gel electrophoresis using strips of paper.

Great for ages 11-14!

Acids and Bases

Learn about acids, bases and the pH scale. Then conduct a simple at home experiment to determine whether some common household chemicals are acids or bases!

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