Great for ages 7-14!

Oil Spills

Learn about the environmental impacts of Oil Spills and how engineers are cleaning them up. Then use vegetable oil and common household items to try out three clean up techniques yourself. Which do you like best?

Solar System

Learn about the planets in our solar system while using different scales (km,buses, and whales?!) and researching cool facts about each planet!

Soil Nutrients

Learn about all the crazy organisms that live in the soil.Then grab your shovel and go see which ones you can find in your backyard!

Carbon Footprints

Learn about what a carbon footprint is and how you can reduce yours! Play an online game where you have to prevent the release of too much CO2 into our atmosphere.  Then take a survey to determine your own carbon footprint!

Modeling the Mantle

Is the mantle a solid or a liquid? Experiment with silly putty to learn about the properties of the earth’s mantle.


Learn about how fossils are made, different types of fossils, and what a paleontologist does. Then make your own imprint fossil and cast of it too!

Great for ages 7-10!

Celestial Mechanics

Learn about the phases of the Moon. Search for the moon phase from the day you were born and many other days.


Learn about the movement of Earth’s continents. Explore what the world looked like millions of years ago and how plate tectonics are responsible for the way Earth looks today.

Topographic Maps

Topographic maps show the shape of the earth’s surface. Explore the topography of your hand and your neighborhood!

Weather Basics

Learn how clouds form and the role temperature and moisture have in precipitation.

Water Cycle

Learn about how water moves through the Earth. Follow the water cycle with an interactive diagram and build your own model of the Earth to observe the water cycle.

Lunar Landing

Learn about the environmental conditions on the moon and then see if you can succeed at a lunar survival challenge!

Rock Cycle

There are three main ways that rocks form. Listen to a catchy song to learn about the ways rocks form and their cycle, then use crayons to model the cycle yourself!

Soil Properties

Learn about different soil properties and how it can act as a filter!

Rain Shadow Effect

Learn how the geology of a region affects the biosphere. Build your own self-contained Ecosystem.

World’s Weather

Learn about how the location of a city determines the seasons. Explore cities in both hemispheres for their weather patterns on The Weather Channel.

Great for ages 11-14!


Learn about different types of stars and then play a game and become a black hole, learn about the stars in your sky tonight, or pick a date and time with a sky simulator; or all three.

Meteorology and Weather

How do meteorologists predict the weather?  Make a barometer and see if you can predict the next rainy day.

Seismic Waves

How bad are the potholes in your roads? Measure the bumpiness of your ride on a home-made seismograph, and compare it to the magnitude of an earthquake!

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