Great for ages 7-14!


Learn about the engineering & design process used by all engineers, then test your engineering skills in a paper bridge design challenge!

Simple Machines

Learn about the six simple machines. Make and study two fun simple machines, the pulley and the inclined plane.

Earthquake Resistant Buildings

Learn about how engineers determine which structures are the most stable by designing, building and testing your own building designs in a simulated earthquake!

Rover Restraint

Learn about the rovers NASA sends to Mars and the challenges in getting them there safely. Then engineer your own Mars Lander to protect your model rover from a mock landing challenge!

Criteria and Constraints

Learn how engineers solve problems using criteria and constraints within their design process.

Plastic in the Ocean

Create your own model of plastics in an ocean after learning how plastic ends up in the ocean and why it’s a huge problem.

Engineering Redesign

Learn about engineering failures and how engineers use failures to improve their designs. Build a paper parachute and test your design.

Great for ages 7-10!

Building a Magnet Detector

Learn about magnetic force and about which materials are magnetic. Then use household items to construct a magnet detector to sleuth out hidden magnets!

Saving the Beach

Learn about beach erosion: what causes it and how scientists and engineers are trying to slow it down.

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