Great for ages 7-14!


Learn about the tragedy of the commons and how to avoid it. Play an online fishing game that allows you to create a sustainable situation for you and your fellow fisher folk.

Great for ages 7-10!

Food Webs

What role does a decomposer have in a Food Web? Learn about decomposers and make a Soda Bottle Compost.

Invasive Species

What makes a species “invasive”? Learn how these organisms can disrupt an ecosystem and play an “invasive species” game to explore how this happens!

Hereditary Traits

What traits can be inherited? Learn about Hereditary Traits then observe the people around you for some common inherited traits.

Owl Pellets

Dissect a virtual owl pellet and learn about the unique adaptations that helps the owl be a successful, stealthy predator.


How do plants make their own food? Learn all about photosynthesis and watch a blade of grass release oxygen gas as it photosynthesizes!

Camouflage and Mimicry

How do animals use camouflage and mimicry to avoid predators and capture their prey? Learn about some cool animal mimics, go on a quest to spot hiding animals, and finally play a game to see how effective even simple color camouflage can be.


What is the job of a flower? What are the parts of a flower that help it do its job? Find flowers outside or at home to study and compare!

Life Cycles

Explore the life cycles of living organisms and make your own life cycle wheel.

Great for ages 11-14!


Along with photosynthesis, plants can “sweat” through a process called transpiration. Observe this process in whatever plants are around you, and experiment with factors that affect it!

Investigating Photosynthesis

You may have heard that plants produce oxygen gas as a byproduct of photosynthesis — but can you prove it? Find the evidence with this activity!

Population Changes

Learn about how populations change over time. Play a game in which you simulate population changes in snakes and hawks in a National Park.

Carbon Cycling

Create your own table-top biome and observe carbon cycling before your eyes!


Learn about biodiversity in a population and why it’s great for an ecosystem. Calculate the biodiversity index of your own backyard!

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