Great for ages 7-14!

Gravity and Freefall

Is there gravity in space? Do objects and people on spacecraft float? Explore microgravity and freefall.


Explore the surprisingly strong force of friction, using any bound paper you have on hand. Lots of variations to investigate!


Make an unusual pendulum to entertain and amaze your family and friends! Can you explain what’s happening?

Great for ages 7-10!


What is the difference between series circuits and parallel circuits? Make both and explore the differences.


What is “sound”? How does the ear work? Can you actually hear through a string phone? Explore the answers to these questions and more with our Sound activities!


What materials are attracted to magnets? How do magnets affect each other? Investigate and compare any magnets you can find in your house, how they interact with each other, and how other materials interact with them.

Electrical Conductivity

What is electricity and how can we control it? Learn about electrical energy with a short video, then make your own conductivity meter to compare the electrical conductivity of common household items.


Explore the transfer of energy between bouncing balls. Great outdoor exploration.


What happens to the energy when objects collide? Play Ring Taw to investigate!


Learn why some objects float and others sink in water. For advanced students, use mass to discover the densities of different items.


Change the way your world looks by viewing it through a color filter — use materials you can find around the house as filters, or make your own! Investigate light reflection, transmission, and absorption, and think about why objects have different colors.

Great for ages 11-14!

Heat Flow

Explore the fascinating world of heat transfer through experiments with ice cubes. The results may surprise you!


Build your own electromagnet at home and experiment with making it stronger and weaker. Learn about the relationship between electricity and magnetism!

Static Electricity

Learn what creates static electricity and then experiment with racing cans.

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