Great for ages 7-14!

Procedural Thinking

How important is procedural thinking? Use your procedural thinking and writing to help your lab partner build a structure.

Cause and Effect

Learn about cause and effect, and then make Mystery Cups to challenge your lab partner!

Measuring Volume

Learn about what volume is and how to measure it! Practice your techniques at home for regular or irregular shaped objects.

Great for ages 7-10!

Making Observations

Learn the difference between observations and inferences in the Scientific Method. Practice using both important tools.

Mean, Median and Mode

Learn about the difference between the mean, median and mode of a dataset.  Play a game of table football and get your statistics.

Great for ages 11-14!

Experimental Design

Learn why scientists and engineers spend a lot of time thinking about how to design the perfect experiment. Run an experiment yourself and see what happens when you have a lot of variables!

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