Great for ages 7-14!


Learn about the global problem of e-waste and examine e-waste from your own home to find out what materials it contains. Get inspired to check out a resource for responsible recycling near you!

Binary Code

Binary code is the “language” computers use to represent many types of data. In this activity, use binary code and the ASCII table to create wearable messages!

Conditionals in Code

Learn how to write and use conditional statements. Can you program a “self-driving car” to find its way through a maze?


Learn about cryptography, and make your own Scytale cipher to send secret messages!


Facial recognition is one of many types of biometric identification used today. Devise your own set of facial recognition measurements, and try to identify people!

Digital Footprints

Learn what a digital footprint is and watch the effects of intentionally changing one.

Great for ages 11-14!

Digital Information Networks

Learn about what the internet is made of, and how information travels through it. Model the ways information travels through the internet by building your own mini network.

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