SfS & Murata Team Up Once More for “Plants, the Future, & You!”

From the partnership that brought you the SpectacuLAB, SciSci and Murata are proud to present a new, interactive science theater show showcasing plants, what makes them grow, and how technology is changing the way we grow crops for the future!

Do you love gardening? Got a green thumb? Do you love getting your hands dirty with… well, dirt? Science from Scientists and Murata are proud to partner up once more to debut a new science theater show in Orlando, FL (more details coming soon!). We’ll be exploring the future of farming and the exciting new technology that scientists are using to grow plants faster, stronger, and healthier, featuring YOU!

Why wait? Get started now and learn how to grow from seed, to plant, and everything in between. Join Kira, our expert and SpecatcuLAB Scientist, in some of our new interactive science demos to learn more about soil and gardening in your own home!

Keep the fun of STEM going!

Make a Biodegradable Planter

Make a biodegradable planter with ordinary household materials to start a garden in your own home!

Make Seed Balls

Use soil, clay, and seeds to build seed balls that can grow wildflowers anywhere!

Soil Nutrients

Learn about all the crazy organisms that live in the soil.Then grab your shovel and go see which ones you can find in your backyard!

Soil Properties

Learn about different soil properties and how it can act as a filter!